Episode 10: Post-Debate Special! Full Episode w/ Hillary Supporters!
Episode 9: Legalize Marijuana Debate! Podcast host! Full Episode w/ Guest Chris Basso!
Episode 8: Race Riots! Prez Debates! Pillows! Full Episode w/ Chris & Dani!

Episode 7: Does GOP Hate Women? Singer! More! Full Episode w/ Guest JaclynMullen!

Episode 6: Pillow Fight! Why Hillary!? Full Episode: Reporters, Web Series!
*Guest… Runjeev Ignatius (Watch @BustHollywood.com)

Episode 5: Pillow Fight! Is Trump Crazy? Full Episode: Weather, TV Industry, More!
*Guest… Steve Vitolo (Follow @scriptationapp)

Episode 4: Pillow Fight! Abortion? Full episode: Stand-Up, Weird News, More!
*Guest… Melanie leanne miller (Follow @melanieleanne)

Episode 3: Pillow Fights! Should Hillary Clinton Be President?
Episode 3: FULL EPISODE! Monologue Jokes! Breaking News! Pillow Fights! .
*Guests… John Allendorfer! Alizah & Kimorah (AllStarSociety.com or @AlizahWhitney)

Episode 2: Guest Interview! Tony’s Stand-Up
Pillow Fight! Trump As President? Why ISIS Needs Comedy!
*Guest… Tony Lavdiotis (Follow @Tonedad)

Episode 1: Guest Interview! Pillow Fight: Gun Control!
*Guest… Benny Spiewak (Follow @BennySp)

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